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Laura Hannan & Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier


Rising from a desire to offer women a more stylish way to sleep, Luna Atelier raises the bar on what to wear to bed.

Sydney-based women Laura Hannan and Alessandra Eddy founded Luna Atelier to create sophisticated bedtime attire which transcends beyond the bedroom.

With Laura's expertise in business and marketing and Alessandra's training in production and design, Luna Atelier is a creative outlet for the pair, designed to enable a woman to feel her best from dusk to dawn, without compromise.

The brand celebrates the timeless art of pyjama dressing, re-interpreted with a contemporary twist.

Known as 'The Tailored Sleepware', Luna Atelier takes cues from European tailoring to create a collection of pieces made from 100% silk. Each piece is cut closer to the body and constructed with fine attention to detail offering a fresh approach to pyjamas which are both effortless and elegant.

Luna Atelier's Debut Collection, Voyage, encompasses a world inspired by travel and the arts, from the landscape of Africa's Serengeti to the galaxy. Iconic women of now and decades past act as muses for the collection.

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night!


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